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Project SEARCH

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Approved Date: October 02, 2018

Owner: Brigid Griffin

The Project Search Team determines who will be responsible for holding the FTE for the job coach. VR will provide funding assistance for the job coach up to $25,000 per year for the first two (2) years.

Beginning the third year of the Program, VR moves to an outcome based model. VR will pay $5000 per student up to five (5) students. 60% of the total amount will be distributed & paid on a quarterly basis upon receipt of the required report. The remaining 40% is paid upon graduation based upon the number of Project Search graduations capped at five (5).

"New Site Development"

No new sites will be considered for development until the school year 2014-2015. VR will consider $5000.00 towards the cost of training. The balance of training costs will need to be provided by other partners.


A proposal for the funding assistance is submitted to the Fiscal Administrative Specialist before the start of the program. The proposal includes the number of students to be served, an identification of the type of internships and the Team members including roles and responsibilities.

The Fiscal Administrator Specialist will send out the contract along with reporting and payment instructions. Payments are made quarterly.

The contractor submits a quarterly report that includes the names of the students and the progress of the students to the Fiscal Administrator Specialist.

Nebraska VR's goal is to develop partnerships with businesses, educational institutions and community agencies to provide specialized skill training that leads to competitive employment in the community. The key features of specialized training programs include classroom skill training, on the job skill development through internships or paid employment, mentoring and soft skill development.

VR Core Roles & Responsibilities

Program Director of Employment

  • Liaison to National Project Search
  • Develops new Search sites through contact with possible business & education partners
  • Coordinates the site development with the local team
  • Coordinates Project Search training for new sites
  • Coordinates the Annual Statewide Project Search Meeting
  • Collects data from sites including number of trainees, names of trainees, number of graduates and outcome data
  • Ensures the teacher at each site enters the necessary data for National Project Search
  • Ensures and consults on fidelity of Nebraska sites to Project Search Model

Office Director

  • Assists the Program Director of Employment with the identification of possible partners
  • Participates in the development of a new site
  • Ensures the names of the Project Search students are submitted to the

Employment Program Director

  • Project Search Team member and participates in Team meetings quarterly, at a minimum
  • Performs case reviews on Project Search clients and submits copies to Program

Director of Employment

  • Ensures VR specialist performing VR duties as Team Liaison
  • Ensures placement activities are implemented prior to graduation
  • Ensures that graduation and employment outcome information is submitted to the Program Director of Employment

VR Specialist (Liaison)

  • Acts as VR representative to Project Search Team and participates in monthly meetings, client meetings
  • Partners with Project Search Team for student recruitment to the Search Program & participates in the recruitment interviews
  • Participates in Team activities such as Open House, Parents Night & Graduation
  • Ensures each participant is a VR client by completing a VR application, eligibility & an approved IPE prior to starting Project Training
  • Enters the Service as Skill Training in QE 2
  • Amends IPE to Supported Employment upon graduation if long term supports are available and needed
  • Client must meet the supported employment criteria (priority one)
  • Provides placement services to Project Search participants or designates another VR specialist to provide services
  • Ensures Clients who qualify for Supported Employment will receive employment services & long term supports through designated provider
  • Provides employment follow-up with clients or ensures that it is being provided
  • Responsible for VR closure
  • Submits graduation information & outcome information to Office Director and Employment Program Director

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