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High Cost

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Approved Date: September 24, 2019

Owner: Angela Fujan

Post Secondary and Supported Employment are exempt from the High Cost policy, as they are governed by other rules and regulations.

VR staff must seek out and utilize all comparable services and benefits to meet, in whole or part, the costs of required and necessary services. 

Recommendation from a technology specialist is required if the request involves worksite/homesite modification or modifications that might involve fabrication.

All clients will be asked to contribute towards the cost of services and are required to apply for and use comparable services and benefits.

Rule 72

003.01 Comparable Services and Benefits: Program services and funds may supplement, but not supplant, those services and benefits available to a recipient and his or her family from any outside agency or entity. If comparable services and benefits are currently available and ready for immediate use, they must be used to meet, in whole or part, the cost of program services.

004.01 Least Cost Alternative: Considering all available alternatives, including those services which can be provided directly by VR staff without additional cost to the program, the program will procure the least expensive, comparable services, goods and supports which meet the recipient's needs. 

004.02 Informed Choice: Recipients may choose those services, goods, and supports, service providers, and procurement methods which, in their judgement, best meet their needs. However, in determining the amount of program financial assistance, the program will use the least cost alternative and the recipient must take the responsibility to pay for the excess cost incurred. 

High Cost approval is required from the Program Director of Counseling for an individual item in the amount of $2,000 and above.

Number of Cost Estimates required based on the cost of the item:

  • Individual item in the amount of $2,000 or more require cost estimates and High Cost Approval.
  • Individual item between $2,000 and $4,999.99 require Two (2) documented cost estimates.
  • Individual item $5,000 or more require three (3) written cost estimates obtained from at least three (3) providers.

Recommendation from a technology specialist is required if the request involves worksite/homesite modification or modifications that might involve fabrication.

Viability of business assessment is required for all self-employment businesses and must also accompany the high cost request.

  1.  Include in the casefile task note the justification for requesting the item.
    • Is the purchase necessary to obtain IPE goal?
    • Are other options available to address the need?
    • Result of exploration of comparable services and benefits (services and benefits that are provided or paid for, in whole or in part, by other Federal, State, or local public agencies, by health insurance, or by employee benefits).
    • Least cost option that meets the individual's need
    • Client contribution.
    • Client's ability to maintain, repair and replace the purchased good.
  2. Consider if the item also requires a cost exception to rule 72 (see VRIS Cost Exception chapter) 
    • Program Director of Counseling approves Cost Exceptions for self employment, home and vehicle modifications.
    • Office Directors approve all other cost exceptions. 
  3. Complete High Cost Request form and include supporting documentation, if applicable. (cost estimates and/or Viability, ATP, AgrAbility Report)  
  4. Complete the authorization in QE2 for approval and check the High Cost box on the authorization.
  5. Submit to Angela Fujan, Program Director of Counseling at the State Office via e-mail at angela.fujan@nebraska.gov  
Attachment: Purchase_of_goods_and_services_12_.pdf

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