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Exiting Plan for Caseload Coverage

Categorized In: Administrative - Personnel - Resignations & Terminations

Categorized In: Case Services - General Case Management Policies

Approved Date: December 07, 2022

Owner: Holly Enriquez

  • The outgoing staff member has a professional responsibility to the clients on the caseload to minimize the adverse effects of the departure.
  • A primary obligation is to provide as much continuity of services as possible to the clients served by outgoing staff member.
  • Office Directors are responsible for maintaining continuity of services to the clients on the caseload after the staff member leaves by arranging coverage by the team. Specific arrangements will depend on the team and position. Office Directors may:
    • handle all pending and active individuals themselves,
    • transfer pending and active individuals needing essential continuing services to other team members,
    • reassign liaison assignments, or
    • take other appropriate actions.
  1. Provide immediate Office Director with as much notice of the resignation/retirement as possible.

  2. Review all clients with the Office Director and other team members during the last two weeks on the job to:

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Identify next actions for each client for the upcoming three month to ensure continuity of services. Pay particular attention to identifying actions that could be overlooked by someone unfamiliar with the cases, such as reauthorizations for goods and services, expected service completions, and scheduled service initiations.
  3. Record the needed actions in the service record of each client.

  4. Notify all clients of the pending staff change. Provide the name and phone number of the new team contact and the Office Director as the persons to contact as needs arise.
  5. Prepare a list of especially helpful local agencies, facilities, hospitals, placement contacts, liaison assignments, etc. to include the; (This is for the interim team member who may not be familiar with the area they will be serving temporarily.)
    • name of agency, organization, or business
    • address
    • key contact person
    • phone number and/or email address
    • strategies or comments about each
  6. Prepare a list of "hard to find locations" such as farms, ranches, community contacts, etc. (This is beneficial for the interim team member who will temporarily manage AgrAbility case.)

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