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VR Application for Students

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Approved Date: January 02, 2024

Owner: Lupe Stevens

Nebraska VR must ensure that students and their authorized representatives, as appropriate, are provided the necessary information and assistance to exercise informed choice in relation to decisions about the services offered by the agency. A decision to apply for VR Employment program should not be denied. 

Students typically begin their relationship with Nebraska VR in pre- employment transition services under a potentially eligible category with a signed Pre-Employment Consent and Release form. All potentially eligible students must be provided with information about the VR employment program prior to the completion of pre-employment transition services. Students and authorized representatives should be given the opportunity for informed choice about the option to apply or not apply for the VR employment program.

In the interests of providing continuity of services to students who are already participating in pre-employment transition services and are anticipated to need individualized services that promote the movement from school to employment activities, it is important to discuss the option to apply for the VR employment program. The discussion should address whether the student will require individualized services in order to meet employment goals. 

Questions to be considered with the student and authorized representative:

  • Is there an interest in competitive integrated employment after high school?
  • Are there anticipated needs beyond pre-employment transition services?
  • What will it take for the student to become competitively employed?
  • Is the impairment an impediment to employment?
  • What VR services are necessary to help the student become employed?
  • What supports will be helpful?
  • Are VR services required to access pre-employment transition services?

The discussion should address any impacts that Order of Selection (OOS) and the existence of a waiting list for services may have on this decision. The Vocational Rehabilitation Federal Register outlines the following in relation to students applying for VR services when a state is on an order of selection: “The earlier a student is placed on a waitlist, the sooner his or her turn will open up in the State’s order in the event a State is on an order of selection”. 

Discussion points to include when meeting with the student and authorized representative: 

•    Provide the student and authorized representative an overview of VR Services to include Order of Selection (OOS) priority groups, waiting list, how eligibility and priority groups are determined and what that means for the client regarding services in each group. 
•    The OOS Fact Sheet may be provided to recipients and applicants, authorized representatives, schools, agencies and/or organizations to assist with the understanding of the Order of Selection.
•    Discuss the student’s needs and identify appropriate community resources. 

 Where to find information about Application & Transfer to Employment Program



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