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Categorized In: Case Services - IPE

Categorized In: Case Services - Planned Services

Approved Date: July 03, 2023

Owner: Cathy Callaway

  1. Planned services are –
  • services identified on the IPE needed to enable the client to achieve an employment outcome;
  • subject to the comparable services and benefits provision of Rule 72 (Section 003.);
  • subject to the fee schedule and procurement options in Rule 72 (Section 004.);
  1. The client is an equal partner in deciding on the planned services needed to achieve their IPE employment outcome;
  2. Planned services noted with an “SA” below require a Service Agreement with the provider;
  3. Per Rule 72 certain planned services can only be authorized to the clientand certain services can only be authorized to the providerThese are noted below in red on the service.
  1. Determine what planned service(s) an individual needs to achieve their employment outcome;
  2. Search for comparable services and benefits that may address the needed service;
  3. Identify the planned service(s) on the IPE and enter in QE2;
  4. Enter a task note justifying the purchase of the planned service(s) at the time of authorization; 
  5. Authorize for the planned service(s).

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