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Electronic Case File

Categorized In: Case Services - General Case Management Policies

Approved Date: March 28, 2024

Owner: Cathy Callaway

  • An electronic case file is all parts of the client record of service, including task notes, created, uploaded, entered, and/or stored in an electronic case management system
  • QE2 is the case management system used to store electronic case files for all individuals served by Nebraska VR;
  • No paper case files will be maintained for cases opened after 1/1/2023; information relevant to all case files must be entered or uploaded into QE2;
  • All documentation by staff members should treat the client with dignity and respect; 
  • Only information essential to determinations and the provision of vocational rehabilitation services should be documented in the electronic case file
  • Limit uploaded information to documents needed for decisions related to the case (e.g. determining eligibility, planning, etc). Avoid uploading extraneous information (e.g. extra pages of medical reports) not relevant to case decisions; 
  • All information documented in the case file (e.g. uploads, task notes, etc.) should be shared and/or addressed with the client; 
  • Staff are expected to ensure documents are uploaded accurately and are accessible; once that has been verified, copies are to be destroyed or shredded;
  • Information should be uploaded promptly so the electronic case file is current and up to date;
  • Information from a previous case relevant to a new case opened for a returning client (e.g. medical records) will be downloaded from the previous case and uploaded into the new case. Each case must have a copy of documents relevant to the case;
  • Except for the email containing the results of the client background check, emails from NDE Legal Counsel are attorney/client work product and should never be uploaded in a client's electronic case file. A summary of the email can be added in a task note;
  • Documents that require signatures can be electronically signed or manually signed and uploaded;
  • Electronic case files are backed up daily.

File uploads –

  • Documents should be filed chronologically under the appropriate Category/Attachment Type listed below, with a file name that describes the document;
  • File Date identifies the date the service was provided, if goods/services (e.g. post-secondary, tools purchased, etc); OR 2) the date the file was received, if informational (e.g. medical records, resume, etc.);
  • Non-agency forms should be filed based on the use of the form.

Deleting information from a case file –

  • Documents related to a decision (eligibility, services, etc.) should never be deleted; files may be deleted due to error (e.g. duplicate uploads, wrong document, upload to wrong case, etc.)
  • Attachment Types noted with a * can be deleted by Office Directors only; all other Attachment Types may be deleted by staff; deleting a file will auto generate a task note
  • No uploaded files or task notes can be deleted while there is an active CAP case;

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