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Limiting Case Access

Categorized In: Case Services - General Case Management Policies

Approved Date: March 29, 2024

Owner: Holly Enriquez

Limiting access to all cases for a client can be granted per client or staff’s request. Once the client is limited, details of any case for this client will only be available to identified staff.


Does what?  

Client or VR Staff 

 Identifies what staff should not have access to the client's cases, and  the reason. 



VR Staff Member 

Emails Office Director including:  

  • Client name/current case number
  • Staff member(s) who should not have access; and
  • Reason for requesting the client be limited 

NOTE: If the Office Director is the person whose access needs to be limited, or the OD is unavailable to limit access submit a helpdesk ticket with the information above. 



Office Directors or IT staff

  1. In the current client case record that needs limited access, select Limit Access from the Actions tab;
  2. Choose Team > Staff name that can have access to the client's cases and click Save Limited Access. Do this for each person that can have access to the client's case. Office Directors should add themselves to the case first and then include at a minimum, a VR specialist and an associate to have access;
  3. Additional staff needing access can be added at any time.

NOTE: For the first name added, a text box will appear to enter the reason for limiting access, which will autogenerate a task note. The text box will not appear for subsequent names added. 

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