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APP Purchases for Consumers

Categorized In: Case Services - Procurement

Approved Date: October 02, 2018

Owner: Cathy Callaway


To allow for the purchase of apps for consumers on mobile devices.

Business Rules

  1. The purchase of any application for use by a consumer on a mobile device will be made by VR IT or ATP staff.
  2. The authorization requirements remain the same for app purchases as for any other purchase (e.g., authorization must be completed prior to app purchase).
  3. The purchase is not required in NIS because it is for case services.


  1. VR and/or ATP will purchase a volume credit ($100) from the App Store Volume Purchase Program or a similar program. The purchase will be made on the p-card of Cathy Callaway (VR) or Steve Miller (ATP)
  2. VR staff will complete an authorization in QE2 identifying the apps requested.
  3. VR IT or ATP staff will use the volume credit to purchase a code for the specific app(s) requested.
  4. VR IT or ATP staff will email the download link or code to the VR/ATP specialist to give to the consumer for downloading on the mobile device.
  5. Once the app has been downloaded, obtain the consumer’s signature on the Acceptance Agreement.
  6. Send a copy of the signed Acceptance Agreement to the VR IT or ATP staff.
  7. VR IT or ATP staff will track the order number, app, and consumer name for each app purchased and provide a list monthly with the Acceptance Agreements to attach to the p-card statement verifying each purchase.
  8. As needed, another volume credit ($100) will be purchased.

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