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Vocational Evaluation

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Approved Date: February 12, 2021

Owner: Paige Rose

Vocational evaluation services are to be made available for any individual needing to obtain greater self and work knowledge related to his/her/their strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, interests, and labor market information as well as the functional impact of the person's disability.

For Pre-ETS eligible students who have a signed consent & release, activities are limited to exploration rather than assessment, but if a pre-ets eligible student has applied for VR services and been removed from the waitlist, other evaluation services are available.  

Evaluation can occur any time in the VR process, providing the client is in an open category.

Client meets referral requirements 
  • Vocational Evaluation Referral form received
  • Individual has applied and is eligible for VR Services or is an open category during Order of Selection
  • Review available medical/psychological/school information
  • Hold Pre-evaluation staffing with referring Specialist, if needed
  • Necessary accommodations addressed
  • Schedule client within 15 calendar days of referral. If this expected timeline cannot be met, please explain in task note
Initial discussion with client 
  • Review why individual was referred to Vocational Evaluation
  • Understand the client's expectation of evaluation
  • If completed, review Step 1 of Discovery booklet
  • Explore vocational implications of disability
  • Talk about possible accommodations 
Conduct Activities/Assessments 
  • Capture stated initial interests and explore further
  • Strengths, Resources, Priorities
  • Concerns and Limitations
  • Abilities, Capabilities
  • Labor Market Info
  • Job Readiness Factors
  • Discuss the relationship of advancement within a career pathway
Analyze and Review Results 
  • Review and interpret results with client 
  • Consider Labor Market Information
  • Plan community-based activities (progressive employment philosophy), if relevant 
  • Arrive at short-term and long-term activities or next-steps which may lead to potential job goal and/or recommendations


Report on Results 
  • Staff case with specialist, client, and authorized representative, if applicable
  • Create new report. *If previous vocational evaluation was completed, download and attach pdf in vocational evaluation screen of QE2
  • Scan and upload attachments, if applicable
  • Complete report within 10 calendar days. If this expected timeline is not adequate, document in task note
  • Provide copy of finalized report to client, authorized representative, DD service coordinator, service provider, and teacher/school staff (all if applicable and on Release of Information)
Does client meet referral requirements?

Determine need for a vocational evaluation 

  • Client is uncertain or ambivalent on vocational goal or direction
  • Confirm client has the skills, abilities, and capabilities to achieve goal
  • Explore interests, skills, abilities, stamina and work habits to aid in identifying realistic job goal
  • Individual is considering post-secondary training but is unsure of focus area

Pre-referral steps 

  • Move case from Referred to Determined Eligible in QE2 (During Order of Selection, client is in an open category)
  • ​​​​​Collect medical/psychological/school information
  • Encourage client to complete Step 1 of the Discovery Booklet
  • Ensure any required accommodations are arranged prior to evaluation
  • ​​​​​

Complete the Vocational Referral Form 

  • Client preferred name
  • Best way to contact
  • Authorized representative name and contact, if applicable
  • Disability
  • Reason for referral
  • Accommodations required 
  • Provide referral form to evaluator or evaluator‘s associate in person or by email 

Process: Referral

1. Determine with the client if a vocational evaluation would be beneficial in addressing any of the following issues:

  • Client is uncertain of a vocational goal or direction and needs further career planning, exploration, and/or vocational assessment to make an informed choice regarding next steps in relationship to employment. Career planning and exploration may include job shadowing, informational interviews and tours. 
  • Client has a job goal but needs vocational assessment to determine if he/she/they has the skills and abilities to pursue the job goal(s)
  • Client needs an On-the-Job Evaluation (OJE) to explore interests, skills, abilities, stamina, and/or work habits to help the person identify a realistic job goal(s)

2. Complete the following before making a referral for a vocational evaluation

  • Request appropriate medical, psychological, and/or school records for eligibility and planning purposes
  • Move case from Referred to Determined Eligible in QE2 unless vocational evaluation activities are required to determine eligibility or priority group status
  • Encourage the client to complete Step 1 of the Discovery Booklet, unless individual has an I/DD diagnosis and would benefit from a VR Profile in Discovery
  • Complete referral to Assistive Technology Partnership (ATP) if assistive devices or technology are needed prior to beginning evaluation
  • The evaluator prefers to have all updated medical, psychological, and/or school records (if coming off the wait list during Order of Selection) prior to the start of evaluation and it is in the client’s best interest to do so. If the updated or most recent information has not been obtained in advance, the evaluation process can still begin; however, the evaluator and client will not arrive at a final job goal or recommendations until the relevant information has been received

3. Complete the Vocational Evaluation Referral form and provide the referral to the vocational evaluation specialist or associate either by email or in person

4. For Pre Employment Transition Students who need more in-depth exploration:

  • Leave case in I & R status in QE2
  • Complete Pre ETS Job Exploration Referral form 
  • Share any available medical, psychological, or school records with evaluator at referral


Process: Conducts Vocational Evaluation

1. Review the available client information prior to beginning the evaluation

2. Conduct the vocational evaluation including completion of appropriate assessment activities, observations, interpretation and career exploration to help the client identify job goal(s) to assist the client in becoming successfully employed

*For Pre-Employment Transition Services eligible students, exploration must be within one of the five areas of approved services:

(1) job exploration counseling;

(2) work-based learning experiences;

(3) counseling on opportunities for enrollment in comprehensive transition or post-secondary educational programs at institutions of higher education;

(4) workplace readiness training to develop social skills and independent living;


(5) instruction in self-advocacy, which may include peer mentoring

3. Staff the results of the evaluation with the referring specialist, client, authorized representative (if applicable), and the vocational evaluator all attending when possible. * For Pre-employment Transition Services students, extend staffing invite to authorized representative and school staff (if applicable)

4. Add a QE2 task note indicating Vocational Evaluation or Job Planning Exploration (for PreETS students) was completed

5. Confirm that Assessment Services have ended and status is marked accordingly for both Career Planning and Vocational Evaluation

6. Provide copy of finalized report to client or Pre-Employment Transition Student and the authorized representative, DD service coordinator, service provider, and teacher/school (all if applicable and on Release of Information)



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