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Categorized In: Case Services - Planned Services

Approved Date: October 02, 2018

Owner: Angela Fujan

Vocational rehabilitation counseling services are made available, as appropriate to the vocational rehabilitation needs of each person, and consistent with his or her informed choice.

These are planned services delivered as a part of an approved Individual Plan for Employment (IPE).

Counseling services are provided to individuals when issues have been identified that may interfere with the achievement of the job goal listed on the IPE. Counseling refers to discrete activities directed toward assisting a person to :

  • make sound informed career and service decisions,
  • participate in VR services and achieve an employment outcome,
  • cope with situational stresses related to the disability, family issues, solving problems, and working.

The scope of counseling practiced by Vocational Rehabilitation staff does not include ---

  • long-term individual counseling and psychotherapy of depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, borderline personality, and other mental disorders
  • counseling for problems of chemical dependency, weight control, control of smoking, sexual dysfunction, or marriage and family relationships. Persons with these issues should be referred to local community mental health centers, drug and alcohol treatment programs, or other appropriate individuals and agencies.
  1. Determine needed counseling services during the exploration and career planning process by identifying issues that have caused or may cause the individual difficulties obtaining or maintaining employment that might be resolved through personal adjustment counseling or disability awareness counseling.
  2. Include the needed counseling services in the IPE.
  3. Provide the needed services as described in the IPE.
  4. Record brief task notes of counseling sessions including progress and next action.

Personal Adjustment Counseling

  • brief counseling designed to solve issues interfering with achievement of goals
  • Assisting individuals learn how to manage crises, make good decisions, and solve problems
  • Require active participation by counselor
  • Focuses on identifying specific issue and how to deal with it
  • Usually brief - no more than a few weeks
  • Does not include intensive therapy such as dealing with abusive family situations, rape, or suicidal tendencies

Disability Awareness Counseling

  • Helps individual understand his/her disability and how it affects his/her work and daily life
  • Used in career planning or in personal adjustment counseling
  • May include help understanding:
    • The medical condition
    • Side effects of medications
    • Typical functional limitations that might affect work or life
    • The grief process
    • Strengths the individual possesses
    • Realistic work goals
    • Assistive technology or accommodations that might be helpful

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