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Driver's Education

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Approved Date: August 31, 2020

Owner: Janet Drudik

A driver's education program can be authorized when clients have attempted and failed a Nebraska Operator's Drivers License (Class O) examination due to their disability. All resources should be considered prior to Nebraska VR covering the cost of a driver's education program approved by the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). 

  • Address critical questions regarding the reason the client has not been able to obtain a Nebraska Operator’s driver’s license (Class O) on their own.
  • Verify the client meets the criteria to authorize for a driver’s education program as addressed in the policy section of this chapter.
  • Refer client to an Approved Driver Safety School or Nebraska Driver Training School.
  • Authorize for training under Miscellaneous Training - Other Classes.
  • VR Associate processes payment in QE2.


A Driver’s Education program approved by the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can be authorized for clients if the following criteria are met:

  • The client has a disability that impedes their ability to develop a basic understanding of driving techniques using written or electronic driver’s manuals and practice tests. Staff should determine whether a Driver’s Evaluation Program or Driver’s Education program is appropriate (see descriptions of each below). 
  • The client requires a driver’s license to transport him/herself to and from work and/or requires a driver’s license to complete job duties.  In making this determination public transportation has been ruled out as a means of getting to and from work and/or, the clients requires a driver’s license to perform job duties. For planning purposes, the availability and necessity of having a vehicle to drive, once licensed to drive, should be discussed. 
  • An Individual Plan for Employment (IPE) has been developed and documents the individual requires a driver’s license as noted above.
  • The client failed the driver’s written or driving exam or the driver’s license learner’s permit exam due to their disability at least one time using DMV Accommodations. A DMV Return for Service document is provided to individuals if they fail an exam. This document should be obtained by VR Specialist as verification of exam failure. 


A Nebraska driver’s education program differs from a drivers evaluation/driver’s training as outlined below. 

  • Nebraska Driver’s Education Program The course conforms to the rules and regulations of the DMV and exceeds the criteria established for insurance discounts. The state of Nebraska driver’s education requires twenty hours of classroom training and five hours of driving.


  • Driver’s Evaluation and Training Program A Driving Evaluation is an essential first step to determine if (1) an individual following an injury or illness is capable of driving or (2) an individual with a disability who has never driven is capable of driving. A physician order is required to complete the driver evaluation. A thorough driving evaluation is completed to examine specific abilities required to operate a vehicle safely. Recommendations regarding driving status will be discussed upon completion of the evaluation, which will include if driver’s training is required.  A Driving Evaluation can assess strength, coordination and reaction time, visual scanning and perception, cognition and decision-making while driving, as well as determining if an individual needs adaptive techniques and equipment. If training is required a certified driver training educator will provide training. This training usually consists of behind-the-wheel driving and usually no classroom training. The driver’s evaluation report will identify the designated recommended number of hours for the training. Refer to the Driving Control Systems chapter in the Program Manual for specific details. https://webforms.nebraska.gov/program_manual_chapters/54

Authorizing - Driver’s Education training is a service under Miscellaneous Training - Other Classes. Driver’s education training cannot be authorized more than once.  






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