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Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) Partnership Procurement

Categorized In: Case Services - Procurement

Approved Date: November 12, 2018

Owner: Holly Enriquez

VR staff authorize the procurement of services through Direct Program Purchase, Cash Advance, or Reimbursement.

NDCS monitors all financial transactions through a specific process that will create additional steps to the procurement of goods and services.

As a result, Direct Program Purchases are the preferred method of procurement.

Cash Advances and Reimbursements should only be used when a Direct Program Purchase is not an option, such as no available vendor or vendor is not accepting direct payment.

When a cash advance or reimbursement is the only available option to procure goods and services VR staff will:

  1. Compete an authorization in QE2 describing the good or service to be purchased.
  2. Email a copy of the authorization to the NDCS appointed staff noted below, with a cc: to Inga Hookstra (inga.hookstra@nebraska.gov), Accounting Controller, NDCS.
    • NDCS Appointed Staff:
      • CCC-L: Sharon Baker, Business Manager, sharon.baker@nebraska.gov
      • CCC-O: Phillip McClymont, Unit Case Manager, phillip.mcclymont@nebraska.gov and Kristie Sargent, Unit Case Manager, kristie.sargent@nebraska.gov (email both Unit Case Managers in Omaha)
  3. Collect receipt verifying purchase for client file.


NIS has specific guidance on how to enter the inmate number in QE2 so the address will be accepted for the NIS Address Book (where all addresses for payments exist).

In QE2, enter client’s address as:

Lincoln --

Address Line 1: Inmate Number (#XXXXX)
Address Line 2: PO Box of Facility

Omaha --

Address Line 1: Inmate Number (#XXXXX)
Address Line 2: 2320 Avenue J
City: Omaha
State: NE
Zip: 68110

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