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Reopening a VR Case

Categorized In: Case Services - Referral to Eligibility

Approved Date: August 21, 2023

Owner: Angela Fujan

Official determinations (511, OD or CAP supported closure decision) cannot be reopened, as there is a need to record of this closure determination. The individual can reapply, if interested in services and the discussion should cover what has changed. See VRIS Application to Employment Program and Initial Meeting

Only cases terminated or taken as an outcome within the past 30 days can be reopened. If the request is within 30-days, but after a quarter closing date + the 7-day grace period those cases will not be reopened.

In exceptional circumstances, a terminated or successful outcome case may be reopened.

The following guidelines will be used to conduct this activity:

  1. Terminated cases from I & R will not be reopened.
  2. Official case closure determinations (511, OD or CAP) will not be reopened, but the individual can reapply.
  3. Only cases closed within the past 30 days can be reopened. If the request is within 30-days, but after a quarter closing date + the 7-day grace period, those cases will not be reopened.
  4. Listed below are the quarter dates + the 7-day grace period.
  • January 1 - March 31, cases closed in this quarter (1/1 - 4/7)

  • April 1 - June 30, cases closed in this quarter (4/1 - 7/7)

  • July 1 - September 30, cases closed in this quarter (7/1 - 10/7)

  • October 1 - December 31, cases closed in this quarter  (10/1 - 1/7)

Examples of situations to reopen the case, all others consult with Office Director:

  • Closed in error.
  • Delayed response to 15-day letter.
  • Authorization issue (example: forgot to authorize milestone 4 prior to closing the case). Authorizations can be PAID on a closed case, but not authorized.

The following steps will be taken to reopen a case:

  • Select the case in Qe2 and click the "reopen case request" button on the header of the home page.
  • VR staff completes the narrative section of the request with the rationale for reopening the case by providing an explanation of the exceptional circumstance. This explanation must justify the specific reason for reopening the case and explain the impact on the client if the case is not reopened. This narrative will also auto-generate a task note of the request.
  • The Office Director and VR team contact will receive an email notification of the request.
  • If the Office Director approves, he/she will reopen the case. This will auto-generate a task note stating the case was reopened.
  • The Office Director and VR Contact will receive an email notification that the case was reopened.
  • If the Office Director does not feel the case should be reopened, he/she will enter a task note with the rationale for this denial decision.

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