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Section 511: CCIR- Career Counseling and Information & Referral

Categorized In: Case Services - Referral to Eligibility

Approved Date: March 24, 2020

Owner: Paige Rose

Nebraska VR must provide career counseling and information and referral services, as described in §397.40, to individuals with disabilities, regardless of age, or the individual's representative as appropriate, who are known to be employed by an entity at a subminimum wage level.

1. It is the responsibility of the Intellectual/Developmental Disability (I/DD) Service Provider agency (entity holding a special wage certificate under Section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to make their local VR office aware of individuals who need an initial Career Counseling and Information & Referral (CCIR) appointment.

2. The I/DD Service Provider agency completes and submits a VR referral for each person who needs CCIR appointment to maintain compliance with DOL Wage and Hour Division.

3. VR creates a QE2 case for each individual in Information & Referral.

4. CCIR appointment is scheduled and age-appropriate Documentation Checklist form is used.

5. Individual is provided an Information and Referral (I & R) to Other Programs handout, edited specifically for their unique situation (paper or e-version acceptable).

6. VR staff enters general task note in QE2 documenting CCIR has been completed. VR staff sends a copy of completed Documentation Checklist for Adults (Age 25 and older) or Documentation Checklist for Youth (under 24 and younger) (depending on age) to all parties listed at bottom of form.

7. The individual's QE2 case is left open in Referred status until a decision is made to apply to Nebraska VR and work towards competitive integrated employment (SE or CE Milestones if required); OR, if he or she is no longer interested in work of any kind, particularly special or sub-minimum wage (SMW), CCIR will no longer be required and the referral can be closed out. Likewise, if the person is no longer a participant of the I/DD Service Provider, the I/DD Service Provider is no longer operating under a 14(c) certificate, health has deteriorated to the point that SMW participation is not possible, or other possible circumstances where CCIR is no longer required, the VR referral can be closed out after documenting the case-specific information. If an individual or their authorized representative refuse a CCIR after referral has been made, provide consultation to allow for informed choice, then complete VR Refusal and close referral out.

8. I/DD Service Provider agency will track their own employee data and notify VR when subsequent CCIR meetings are due for each person or initial CCIR is required for new hires.

*If an I/DD Service Provider agency fails to notify VR staff of required meetings or does not follow through with CCIR meetings:

A minimum annual task note entry is required for each referral; therefore, it is expected that contact with the associated provider be initiated to identify individuals who have not had a CCIR provided in a timely manner. Encourage scheduling as soon as possible and document this contact in task notes. Carry out the CCIR appointment. If CCIRs continue to be refused or not scheduled by the provider, document in task note and leave case open for now.

*Refer to Attachment for printable guide for specifics and timelines

Section 511: CCIR Case Review Checklist available to monitor case management within each team.

Attachment: CCIR.pdf

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