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Assessment Services

Categorized In: Case Services - Assessment Services/Planning

Approved Date: April 11, 2022

Owner: Cathy Callaway

Services needed to 1) determine eligibility and/or assign priority; 2) evaluate skills and/or abilities; or 3) write the plan.

  1. Assessment Services –
  • can be provided at any point in the rehabilitation process;
  • are provided or arranged only by VR staff (Team Service only);
  1. The client is an equal partner in deciding on the range of assessment services needed;
  2. Assistance for expenses while participating in an assessment service may be provided as an Assessment Support only if there is an increased cost to the client (see Assessment Supports Chapter)
  1. Determine what Assessment Service(s) is needed to determine eligibility, evaluate vocational rehabilitation needs, and/or write the plan;
  2. Enter the appropriate Assessment Service in QE2;
  3. At the time the Assessment Service is provided, document provision of the Service in QE2 by selecting the Document Team Service button on the Assessment Service on the Case Home screen. NOTE: The service is not reported as provided until it is documented;
  4. Determine if any Assessment Supports are required for the client to participate in the Assessment Service (see Assessment Supports Chapter).

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