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Approved Date: February 08, 2024

Owner: Carla Lasley

Nebraska VR will provide information about the Social Security Administration Ticket to Work (TTW) program, which supports career development for people ages 18 to 64 who receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits and want to work. 

Information will include details of how a client may be protected from Continuing Disability Reviews (CDR) while they are receiving services under an approved Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) and meeting Social Security's Timely Progress Review (TPR) criteria.

Clients will be informed Nebraska VR may receive reimbursement for costs associated with helping them find and maintain employment.

Prior to closure of the case--either successfully closed or terminated after IPE is signed--clients are provided information and support to reassign their Ticket to Work within 90 days.   

  1. At Initial Meeting, discuss all benefits, including Social Security Administration (SSA), and other federal/state, local benefits (SNAP, Medicaid, Energy Assistance, Housing, etc.) benefits.
  2. Check the Existing Benefits screen in QE2 and update as needed, identifying all known benefits. (This step will also be completed/verified during Benefits Orientation.) 
  3. Once BPQY is received, based on Benefits Planning Query (BPQY), determine client's Ticket to Work (TTW) status--assigned, in use, unassigned, unassignable.
  4. If TTW is unassigned, tell the client their TTW will should be assigned to Nebraska VR when their IPE is signed, and explain potential benefits to having ticket assigned.
  5. If TTW is assigned and in-use with another entity, follow process steps to support the client to unassign their Ticket.
  6. If TTW is unassignable support the client to contact the Ticket Program Manager (TPM) to seek additional information and take action to have ticket assigned to VR if status is changed.
  7. Discuss Ticket reassignment at case closure, and provide support for reassignment, as needed.
  8. Document all actions and communications about TTW in Task Notes throughout the case and at closure.


1.  At Initial Meeting disscuss Social Security Administration disability benefits as well as other federal, state, and local benefits. Check or add types and amounts of benefits on the Existing Benefits screen in QE2. Inform the person to update you immediately if they begin receiving benefits or if their benefits change at any time while their VR case is open.  

2.  Determine Ticket to Work (TTW) status, including whether client is eligible, ticket is unassigned or in use, and, if in use, to which agency (State VR or Employment Network) ticket is assigned. This information can be found on the fax coversheet sent with the BPQY or may be written on the BPQY, itself.  If the information is not found, send an email to the Program Director of Benefits Services to request the information.  Include the VR case number and client's name in your request.

3.  If TTW is unassigned, tell the client their TTW will should be assigned to Nebraska VR when their IPE is signed. They will receive a letter from SSA when the ticket has been assigned to VR.  (Note this is also discussed at the time of the IPE, and is stated on the IPE form.)

4. If TTW is In-use/assigned to another entity, support the client to complete a request to unassign their TTW so it may be assigned to Nebraska VR.

  • It is important to time this activity so assignment of the TTW to Nebraska VR occurs within 90 days of unassignment from the other entity (another State VR or an Employment Network [EN]), as the IPE must be signed and TTW must be assigned to Nebraska VR within 90 days of unassignment in order to maintain protection from Continuing Disability Reviews (CDR.) If the client will not proceed to Career Planning and will be placed on a waiting list while Nebraska VR is under order of selection, or if the IPE is delayed for more than 90 days for any other reason, do not take action to unassign the ticket until the client will sign the IPE within 90 days of unassignment. If the Ticket has not been unassigned by the time of the IPE, the unassignment form should be signed and processed, as below, on the date the IPE is signed so VR can seek assignment immediately.
  • Always check the age of the person whose ticket assignment to VR is being sought.  At age 65 people are no longer eligible for the Ticket to Work program unless their ticket is assigned PRIOR to turning 65.  If VR services are not expected to be completed and/or ticket reassignment to an EN would not be completed before age 65 there should be discussion with the person to ensure they are aware of this fact.  The EN to which the ticket is assigned when the person came to VR should also be advised of the situation and included in the discussion, particularly if the EN has been actively providing support to the person prior to their applying for VR services.    
  • To help a client take their Ticket out of assignment with another State VR, obtain fax number and other contact information for that State's SSA Coordinator from the list found in Forms attached to this chapter and support the client as needed to complete, sign, and fax the Ticket Unassignment Form (address to access form in bullet below) to the applicable State VR SSA Coordinator. (Nebraska VR notifies another State VR agency of ticket unassignment as a courtesy to other State VRs.)
  • To help the client take their Ticket out of assignment with an Employment Network (EN), support the client as needed to complete, sign, and fax the Ticket Unassignment Form (link address in bullet below) to the Ticket Program Manager at the fax number on the form.
  • The Ticket Unassignment Form can be found at this link: https://choosework.ssa.gov/Assets/cw/docs-materials/Ticket-Unassignment-Form.pdf (copy and paste in your browser to access form) 

5.   If TTW is in another status, such as 'Unassignable,' support the client to contact The Ticket Program Manager (Cognosante) at the phone/fax number noted on the unassignment form to obtain information about how to become eligible for the TTW program. If Ticket becomes assignable, discuss its assignment to Nebraska VR at the time the IPE is signed. 

6.  At closure (whether case is closed successful, unsuccessful, or is terminated after an IPE is signed), discuss Ticket reassignment to an Employment Network within 90 days of closure in order to maintain the possible exemption from Continuing Disability Reviews.  See Successful Outcome Chapter or Termination Chapter for additional details. 

7.  Document all communications about TTW in Task Notes--using either a customized Task Note title or, if discussed in conjunction with Benefits Orientation or other Benefits services, using the appropriate Benefits Task Note title.

Cost Reimbursement to Nebraska VR:

When a client who has had their Ticket to Work assigned to Nebraska VR reaches earnings that constitute Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) [amount changes every year] for 9 of 12 consecutive months, our agency may be eligible to receive cost reimbursement for costs associated with serving the person.  Reimbursement may be received up to 8 years after we serve the person when they have reached this level of earnings for the required time period.

When reimbursement is received, the Specialist and Office Director receives an email message detailing the cost reimbursement amount and asking that the IPE and amendments from the case record is uploaded to QE2, as applicable (when the case is not an electronic record or documents have not already been uploaded.) 

The Program Director of Benefits updates the QE2 record by entering the amount of cost reimbursement received.  This field also populates a Report that may be accessed to review historical reimbursements on all cases. To access the individual case cost reimbursement, from the Case Home screen, go to Data and select SS - Cost reimbursement from the dropdown list.  To access the Report of cost reimbursements since 2021, go to Reports>Administrative>select SS - Cost Reimbursements from the dropdown list. 


Cognosante is a national company that serves as the Ticket Program Manager (TPM) for Social Security's Ticket to Work program. If the TPM requires Nebraska VR's DUNS (Data Universal Numbering System) number, it is 808819882.   The link to the Unassignment Form is above; contact information from that form is also noted here:  

  • Ticket to Work helpline:  866 968-7842; or 866-833-2967 (TTY) Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET.
  • FAX:  703 893-4020; mark ATTN:  Ticket Unassignment
  • Mailing address:  Ticket Program Manager (TPM), ATTN:  Ticket Unassignment; P.O. Box 1433; Alexandria, VA 22313


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