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Ticket to Work

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Approved Date: December 01, 2021

Owner: Carla Lasley

Nebraska VR will provide information about the Social Security Administration Ticket to Work (TTW) program to people who receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.

Information will include details of how a client may be protected from Continuing Disability Reviews (CDR) while they are receiving services under an approved Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) and meeting Social Security's Timely Progress Review (TPR) criteria.

Clients will be informed Nebraska VR may receive reimbursement for costs associated with helping them find and maintain employment. 

  1. At Initial Meeting, discuss and document all Social Security Administration (SSA) benefits. Ensure documentation on Application and Services and Benefits screens of QE2 are accurate. 
  2. Based on Benefits Planning Query (BPQY), determine client's Ticket to Work (TTW) status--assigned, in use, unassigned, unassignable.
  3. If TTW is unassigned, tell the client their TTW will be assigned to Nebraska VR when their IPE is signed, and explain potential benefits to having ticket assigned.
  4. If TTW is assigned and in-use with another entity, follow process steps to support the client to unassign their Ticket.
  5. If TTW is unassignable support the client to contact the Ticket Program Manager (TPM) to seek additional information and take action to have ticket assiged to VR if status is changed.
  6. Discuss Ticket reassignment at case closure, and provide support for reassignment, as needed.
  7. Document all actions and communications about TTW in Task Notes throughout the case and at closure.


  1. At Initial Meeting, review the Benefits Planning Query (BPQY) to verify the accuracy of benefits received, including federal, state, and local benefits. Check or add types and amounts of benefits on applicable QE2 screens. Inform the person to update you immediately if they begin receiving benefits or if their benefits change at any time while their VR case is open.  
  2. Determine Ticket to Work (TTW) status, including whether client is eligible, ticket is unassigned or in use, and, if in use, to which agency ticket is assigned.) This information can be found on the fax coversheet sent with the BPQY or may be written on the BPQY, itself.  If the information is not found, send an email to the VR Assistant Director to request the information.  Include the VR case number and client's name in your request.
  3. If TTW is unassigned, tell the client their TTW will be assigned to Nebraska VR when their IPE is signed.  (Note this is also discussed at the time of the IPE, and is stated on the IPE form.)
  4. If TTW is In-use/assigned to another entity, support the client to complete a request to unassign their TTW so it may be assigned to VR.  It is important to time this activity so assignment of the TTW to VR occurs within 90 days of unassignment with the other entity, as the IPE must be signed and TTW must be assigned within 90 days of unassignment in order to maintain protection from Continuing Disability Reviews (CDR.) So, if the client will not proceed to Career Planning and will be placed on a waiting list while Nebraska VR is under order of selection, determine the status of the client's TTW but do not take action to unassign the ticket until the client comes off the waiting list and will proceed to IPE. To help a client take their Ticket out of assignment, use the 'Notification to Cognosante' form.  (At the time of this policy change, the form identifies Maximus as the Ticket Program Manager.  The form will be changed by SSA once the transition to Cognosante is complete.) This form is used when the client's ticket is currently assigned to another Employment Network or another State VR agency and unassignment is being requested. Support the client as needed to complete, sign, and fax or mail the form. The form can be found at this link: https://choosework.ssa.gov/Assets/cw/docs-materials/TTWUnassignmentTemplate2015_508.pdf
  5. If TTW is in another status, such as 'Unassignable,' support the client to contact Cognosante at the phone/fax number noted below to obtain information about how to become eligible for the TTW program. If Ticket becomes assignable, discuss its assignment to Nebraska VR at the time the IPE is signed. 
  6. At closure (whether case is closed successful, unsuccessful, or is terminated in an status except referral), discuss Ticket reassignment to an Employment Network within 90 days of closure in order to maintain the possible exemption from Continuing Disability Reviews.  See Successful Closure chapter at: https://webforms.nebraska.gov/program_manual_chapters/861 or Termination Chapter at:  https://webforms.nebraska.gov/program_manual_chapters/862 for additional details.
  7. Document all communications about TTW in Task Notes--using either a customized Task Note title or, if discussed in conjunction with Benefits Orientation or other Benefits services, using the appropriate Benefits Task Note title. 


Cognosante is a national company that will begin serving as the Ticket Program Manager (TPM) for Social Security's Ticket to Work program in late 2021.  The phone, fax and mail address for Cognosante can be found on the form linked to this chapter, above. If the TPM requires Nebraska VR's DUNS (Data Universal Numbering System) number, it is 808819882.    


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