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Case Closure

Categorized In: Pre-Employment Transition Services - Case Closure/Re-opening

Approved Date: March 01, 2021

Owner: Lupe Stevens

Case are closed in pre-employment transition services under 3 different categories depending on the reason for case closure:

  1. Pre-ets: No Longer Eligible for Pre-ets Services:

  • Individual is no longer a student or and/or is not in the specified age range 14-21.

  • Student is no longer verified as a student with a disability, the disability no longer presents barriers for the student and the student does not have another disabling condition that would qualify for the receipt of pre-ets (e.g. student is discharged from IEP or 504 Plan and it is agreed that there is no disabling condition). Discussion with parent/authorized representative for a student 19 or under must be documented. 

  • Death of student.

  1. Pre-ets: No Longer Interested in Services:

  • Student and/or parent/authorized representative actively chooses not to participate or continue to receive pre-ets.

  • Student and parent/authorized representative agree that all needed pre-ets have been completed.

  • Student’s actions make it impossible to begin or continue pre-ets. Examples include repeated failures to keep appointments for participation in pre-ets. Contact with parent/authorized representative of a student 19 or under and any student with an IEP must have been attempted and documented.

  1. Pre-ets: Not Available for Services:

  • Unable to contact student, unable to locate student, student moved out of state.

  • Student entered a correctional facility where pre-ets services are not offered and there is a reasonable expectation that the student will be inaccessible to VR staff for the remainder of their period of eligibility as a student. If the student is at a facility where VR staff provide services or is expected to return to high school, do not terminate the case.



The first step when closing the case of a student who receives pre-employment transition services is to verify that the correct graduation date is recorded in the basic information record as this will guide the closure options outlined in the policy and provided in QE2.

Choose the closure option appropriate for the student and proceed to close the case. Document the circumstances of the closure in a task note.

Prior to closing a case as Pre-ETS: No Longer Eligible for Pre-ETS, document in a task note how the student/parent/authorized representative was informed of case closure, including the use of the Pre-ETS Termination after Graduation letter, where appropriate

Prior to closing a case as Pre-ETS: No Longer Interested in Services or Pre-ETS: Not Available for Services, document in a task note the circumstances leading up to the closure, including the use of the Pre-ETS Non-Participation Letter, the Section 511 Refusal of Pre-ETS (While Still in High School) Form, or Section 511: Employment Not Expected from Services Letter where appropriate.

Use the 511 Decision Tree to inform decision making. Refer to Pre-Employment Transition Services and DD Eligibility Questions in the Pre-Employment Transition Services FAQs: https://webforms.nebraska.gov/program_manual_chapters/396

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